Embrace the Urgency of Digital Transformation

“Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive.” Gartner 2017 Survey

Executive leaders are frustrated with the slow pace of digital transformation, as they watch competitors capture new opportunities. CEOs are looking to CIOs to create new efficiencies, new value and new ways to engage constituents using technology, quickly.

With the continued success of disruptors like Airbnb and Uber the hospitality industry is being challenged like never before According to Michele Caminos, Managing Vice President at Gartner, the key to speeding through the trough of disillusionment and  creating value at scale is all about people.

Gartner has identified a looming talent gap for key technology skills in artificial intelligence digital security and the IOT Internet of Things

“But it’s not just IT jobs,” Caminos said. “There’s been a 60% growth in technology skills required for non-IT roles over the past four years.”

Digital business also requires a new set of attributes and skills that allow you to operate successfully in a continuously changing world, more frequent complex decision making, continuous problem solving, rapid pattern recognition and exception handling.

Based on this scenario, what is your hotel doing to embrace digital transformation?

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